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Thread: Help With Forum Posting Software

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    Quote Originally Posted by royjohn View Post
    xrumer is the way to go kiddies, gets you unimageable clicks!

    just look at this what-his-face's stats:

    why blur out the balance? and the times of the payments?

    Also, some of those earlier dates?

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    It really seems that Xrumer is well worth the price.

    Right now, I got the ForumPoster V3.

    Haven't tested it yet, since I am making a list of forums and linking the correct sections (Don't want to get banned at them after all the work in registering and such.)

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    I found a copy of XRummer 4 here:

    The download link works and the file does not seem to have any viruses in it. I have not tried it yet (the Intallation tutorial in English link is dead) and I don't know Russian... so I'll have to go slowly and see if I can make it work.

    There are a couple other forum posting automation programs in that page.

    Forum Poster 2.0 --> I've tested this program in the past. It works, but sometimes it doesn't recognize the latest versions of VBulleting type boards.

    Forum Poster 3.0 --> This one will recognize 99% of all types of boards out there. The problem is that the program has a call-back on it and it will kill the included serials in a day or two. I'm looking for a cracked version of this one right now. I'll post here if I find it.

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