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Thread: How to Advertise on LinkBucks - Full Tutorial

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    Default How to Advertise on LinkBucks - Full Tutorial

    In this tutorial, I am going to show how to use the brand new LinkBucks advertising system, which I'm sure most of you have at least taken a peek at, but maybe not fully understood how or why to use it.

    I will address:
    A) Why use LinkBucks advertising over others (small)
    B) How to set up LinkBucks advertising (large)

    Okay let's get started.

    A) Why use LinkBucks advertising over others
    Firstly if you've been a member of LinkBucks for a long time you know at least three things.
    1) They pay and are honest.
    2) They must get a lot of traffic.
    3) They get their traffic from a large variety of countries.

    All of these are key when you are looking to advertise. Honesty is always #1 in my book, before any business. With my experience for over a year with LinkBucks I can safely assure you that LinkBucks is extremely honest. Thus you can expect real, non-modified reports for traffic.
    Another thing that you should look for - does the company you want to work with get a lot of traffic. If they are unable to receive traffic, how can they send it to your sites - it's impossible. However LinkBucks is obviously getting a crapload of traffic daily - thanks to its hard-working members.
    Lastly, you want to check that your traffic, if needed, can come from a specific country or worldwide. And again, LinkBucks delivers, with traffic from everywhere, because the Internet is worldwide.


    B) How to set up LinkBucks advertising

    This is going to be the more bulk section of this tutorial. I'll show you how to set-up and track your campaigns.
    You can click on the screenshots to see a bigger image.

    Let's go.

    Step 1)
    Log in / Create a LinkBucks account. You can use the same account for earning money by sharing links and for advertising.

    Step 2)
    Click the "Advertising" link from navigation to access the Advertising part of LinkBucks.

    Step 3)
    Now we need to deposit some money into our advertising balance before we can actually create a campaign. Click "Deposit Funds".

    Step 4)
    Choose what method you want to deposit your funds in. You can deposit using either PayPal or LinkBucks money transfer. I have enough $$$ in my LinkBucks account and will transfer $5.00 from there.

    Step 5)
    Awesome we have money in our account now. Now time to set up our campaign. Click "Click Create" campaign to do so.

    Step 6)
    Okay now we get to the more nitty-gritty, if you will.

    I've labeled them briefly in the screenshot but I'd like to go through them in more detail.
    Campaign Name: A name that you give to your own campaign for your own reference. It will come in great use if we get lots of campaigns going on. You should name it something that is somewhat close to what you are promoting.
    In this first example I am calling it that because that's what I am trying to promote through my CPA (cost per action) company.
    Creative Type: Basically what type of ad you'd like. The creative types are the different advertising formats offered by LinkBucks.
    Intermission: Full page advertisement
    Top Frame: 728x90 banner advertisement
    Side Frame: 160x600 banner advertisement
    Here I will use intermission, I will use top frame in a little bit.
    Content Type: If your content is family safe use clean, if not use Adult, in this case mine is clean.
    Website URL: The website URL is the website you are advertising. The intermission ad will display your website full screen to visiting users.
    Thus here I input the affiliate URL that I want to use.
    Daily Budget: Sets the maximum amount of money you wish to have your campaign spend per day. I haven't put anything here yet because I am going to explain it more in a little bit after I set country targeting.
    Daily Targetting: Set the days you want your ad to be seen, I see little value in unchecking any of the boxes.

    Step 7)
    Now to country targetting.

    You can set what countries you want to view your ad. In this instance, I am only going to allow the United States to view my ad.
    That's because the affiliate URL that I'm promoting will only accept leads from United States.
    By putting "1" in this field, it means I want 1000 hits from the United States.

    Step 8)
    Back to the daily budget.

    I put "1" in this field, as I want the traffic to spread over a good period of days so it's more drawn out. By putting "1", it means I will spend a MAXIMUM of $1.00 on daily traffic on my campaign - never more.

    Step 9)
    Okay let's scroll down and see what we've got.

    When reviewing the purchase all is good - we get traffic from where we want it and also we are not running any prohibited activities on the URL, so I click "Create Campaign".

    Step 10)
    We get redirected to this page.

    It says the campaign is created succesfully. Now we need to fund our campaign by clicking "Pay Campaign".

    Step 11)
    Now we get redirected to this confirmation page, all we need to do is wait now.

    Since I created this on Saturday (not business), I will have to wait until at least Monday to get it approved. In the meantime I will make another campaign.

    Step 12)
    The reason is because there is quite a difference between using one of the banner options versus the intermission when setting up your ad.

    As you can see a whole textbox appears with this. Here you can put a Javascript or some HTML. In the example I have an iFrame that is linked to one of my site's pages that rotates advertisements.
    An example of some HTML code would be:
    <a href=""><img src="" width="728" height="90" alt="Anonymous Surfing" border="0"></a>
    Which displays as

    Step 13) Alright so let's do country targetting again.

    This time I'd like it so that I get traffic as fast as possible. The best way to do this is by setting unlimited budget (so no cap per day) and selecting worldwide traffic. So that's what I'll do.

    Step 14) Check to make sure that your campaign doesn't break the rules then submit it.

    Step 15) Fund your campaign, you know how to do that. Then wait for it for approval.

    Step 16) By clicking "Manage Campaigns" you arrive on this page.

    As you can see my campaigns are now in "Review"...

    TWO DAYS LATER (Monday)

    Step 17) Looks like my campaigns are good to go.

    As you can see my campaigns are already getting hits.


    Step 18)
    Traffic is still coming.

    Step 19)
    I believe I have enough data to cross-check against my CPA company's stats for the intermission ad.

    Well it looks like that the LinkBucks report is fairly accurate. As I noted on the screenshot, the reasons for more hits on my CPA company is probably due to bots and/or my own promotion efforts.


    So as you can see it's not that hard to set up LinkBucks advertising and it can definitely get you in return on investment pretty fast because your traffic will start flowing in really quickly after its approved... customizability like daily budget and country targetting is really good.

    If you have any questions or comments post in here.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for giving us more information man
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    Default Thanks

    Great tutorial! I am new here, and this is just what I needed to get me started. Keep up the good work!

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    Thank you very much for share full description with picture.If you don't add picture then maybe i can't understand anything.
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    Default thanks

    thanks for the information...

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    Great.Thans for the full description with picture.It helped me a lot.

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    Cool Ad Posting

    Well,at least I understand a lot more than I did before.

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    Default Awesome

    thanks but one question where do these ads appear on linkbucks?
    best website ever in my opinion lol

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    I am new to this site.
    You are share the nice post that how anyone can make the money with link bucks?
    This is the nice way to make money with link bucks.

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    Thanks for your very self understanding tutorial about advertising at LinkBucks.

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