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You failed to mention the denial message that they provided you. I know for a fact that they gave you a clear explanation as to why your submission was denied but you're hesitant to provide us this key detail? Hiding something perhaps and just venting your frustration because you know you're wrong? We want to make this experience for you as pleasant as possible to keep you coming back, but we have rules and standards. The most popular reason for having a campaign denied is if your site breaks iframes. See this thread for more info: http://forums.linkbucks.com/showthread.php?t=34711
Thanx Suzuki for your response. This is first response i am getting from Linkbucks as human. Unless i just got mails auto reply. Even after declined or in running mode i havnt got any mails. Mails i got is just after registrations and for Payments i have sent. Nothing else.

Ok coming to the point is my website does not have any script to break iframe. and i really dont need to hide anything. I have two google ads but i am not sure that cause the problem.

For this you might check linkbucks system that they do accept google ads in webpage which been advertise??

I just found one article which says google no longer accept frame ads. More

As i dont think this is the real problem. As when i started with Ads that was main page. And i received 30k impressions even there were google ads on page of my website.

So first you need to find where my mail gone which i probably should get after declined to find real cause.