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Thread: I am So pleased To Help People Now

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    Talking I am So pleased To Help People Now

    Those Who are my active referrals i will help them and i will post their vdos in all the forums. 220+ forums. and ya first they have to prove that they are my referrals and active. some people are offering share of 10% income. but i m offering more than that. both me and my referrals will be rich. and ya i m incoming nice now. and i wanna share some with my valuable referrals.
    Contact with me as soon as possible. for more info visit here:

    If Mod's are thinking bout its a post than i m happy to say its not. coz i have same referrals in uploadbox, shared image and Linkbucks too.

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    you are not rich dat why you need referral DUH!

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    What program do you use to post ?And whats the password to the downloads on your site ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by royjohn View Post
    you are not rich dat why you need referral DUH!

    i have 50 referrals in and 40+ in uploadbox. and now i wanna help them. and ya i made lots of money from them. now its my turn to help them. and ya i have more than 400 forums in my list. but i m now only working with 220 forums. and i will increase that number per day. i will start using xrummer soon. than i will do the same for them.

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    How many videos do you post a day?
    Do you post in all your 220 daily?
    How much do you earn a day?
    Get Loads Of Money - Click Here

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    I advise people to sign up under rezax123. He is a cool and friendly guy and he will keep you up to date with new methods on msn. Great support and a great guy!

    Rezax: contact me on msn soon, I've been away for a while now and I want to know how you're gonna do this! In case you don't remember, I'm "Mikkel" on msn

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