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Thread: Favorite Song ?

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    My favorite tracks are follows:
    1. Teen age dream by Katy perry
    2. Firework by katy perry
    3. Waka Waka by Shakira.

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    My favorite tracks are:
    Teen age dream by Katy perry
    Broken Angel
    Firework by katy perry

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    This song is really hot! E 40 yup remix
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    My favorite tracks are:
    Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Jewis (covered by Tilman - The voice kids 2015)
    Ring of Fire - covered by Adam Lambert
    Lavie en rose - Tracy McConnell in How I Met Your Mother

    You guys 're gonna love it. I'm pretty sure :3

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    Of course is Jason Mraz album, and I like Everything is sound
    Everything is Sound

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    My favourite song is Sugar and Girls like you (Maroon 5)
    I'm a big fan of Adam Levine

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    my favorite songs is tu meri ashiqi hai.

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    There so many great songs to choose from, given that technology has enabled us to use electronic instruments to make beats
    make you bump your head every time a song comes on.. having said that am into pop and 21st century songs
    Ed sheeran- small bump
    kendrick lamar- humble.

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    Personally, I like music where the piano sounds. For example, I love the songs of the legendary Queen and Elton John's singles. I have also bought a new electronic keyboard stand and now I am able to play some parts of my favourite songs. That's so inspiring!

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    Hello! My favorite Joe Cocker song is "My Father's Son." Guys - this is a masterpiece)

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