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Thread: Linkbucks Payment and Support Issues

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    Default pending payments

    dear CommanderBucks

    i have payout about 4 days ago but still i m not getting payout before this i get payment in just 1 day or 2 so plz send me payout fast as u can i m waiting. thanx.


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    Default I do not receive

    Quote Originally Posted by yobb View Post
    Commanderbucks is sincere about the payment let us just wait..
    my account is yjl2009,you have showed paid for me 5.01$,but I do not receive it :
    > UserName Amount Pay Account Time Status
    > yjl2009 5.01 [email protected] 3/12/2009 12:36:27 AM Complete

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    Default Failure to Recieve Payment

    Hi there CommanderBucks,

    Around 2 weeks ago I submitted a request for payment from my linkbucks earnings. The amount was $5.00. I recieved the automated response informing me the transfer of the funds to my Paypal account would take a few business days. Since then, i've noticed that the balance in my linkbucks account has been reduced by $5.00. However, I have yet to receive that money into my Paypal account. The account is under my email address, i.e. [email protected]. If you can, kindly inform me as to what the problem might be and how it can be resolved.

    Thanking you in Advance,

    T. Malin

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    I write here because I have not received any payment almost in 2 months since I requested it.

    I'm glad linkbucks hired you commanderbucks, because I was losing my patience.

    Please contact me as soon as posible.

    Contact e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

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    i requested a payment for 5.06 on march 31 and it still says 'review'. a couple days later, i requested a payment of 5.28 and it didnt go to 'review' it went straight to 'complete'. i check my paypal and the 5.28 is in there within 10 seconds of me requesting it, but the payment i requested a few days ago isnt complete yet. pretty weird. i have never had an instint payment.

    i now requested another payment, and here is what it looks like on my linkbucks. hopefully my payment wont get skipped now.....
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    Guys, please use our support system from now on. We have Suzuki monitoring it on a regular basis. I havent been checking this thread lately so I apologize.

    I will be emailing the following users to resolve their issues:


    Tim1488, your pay system account is wrong. That's why it keeps getting rejected. You need to specify your paypal email address in your profile for the pay system account.

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