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Thread: Check if site break frames.

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    Default Check if site break frames.

    Is there a site or place on the net where I can test if a site breaks out of frames.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fjensen View Post
    Is there a site or place on the net where I can test if a site breaks out of frames.

    You can use a traffic exchange, such as this one.

    Basically after you have an account you can go to "My Sites" and input one. The site will then tell you if it breaks frames or not. The reason this is is because framebreakers do not support the bar the site uses to track surfing.

    I've never heard of a site that does nothing but test breaking frames, but a traffic exchange is a good alternative. =] Since it's as simple a case as trying to put the site in; it will tell you if you're not allowed to after attempting to submit it.

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