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Thread: Payment Delay

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    I am in Review since 6/5/2013 .I contact by contact us form 3 times but i did not get any reply. 6 Days Going to complete but no payment .We get fear of Scam . I cant Understand I should give my 2nd Payment request or not .This is 1st time they put on trview from last 6 days . Plz sir Pay soon . waiting for reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steffi View Post
    LOL ... Perhaps they'll make you a sandwich as well or take ya out to lunch ... Funniest thing I read all day ...
    I dont know why my comment is funny but i really need the cash but if they didnt pay me tomorrow... im gonna lose something big...

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    I started using them from today, and from what I see here, they already have delays in payments..that's not a good thing, hope it won't become a scam site.

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    paid! Thanks Linkbucks just in time

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    Hope to get paid soon still waiting

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    Unhappy 6/9/2013 7:23:02 am

    i am under review for from 6/9/2013 7:23:02 AM its about 6 days why payments take so long now

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    Unhappy Same with me

    Im In review since 7 days,i dont know why linkbucks keep delaying payments now, my user name is nicole5884 , Please admin check into it

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    urgently in need of my funds still have hope

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    its been 10 days now

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    mmmm in the past when i get a payment in review i get pay after 7 days i am on my 9th day now hopefully il get pay by the 12 day

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