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Thread: Dissapointed with the earnings full page script

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    Question Dissapointed with the earnings full page script

    Started using the full script(side banner) on my online manga reader 3 days ago, but the result is kinda dissapointing, i was earning $15 USD(daily) using filehost affiliate programas(pay per download) before setting up the online reader, and since my site gets about 35,000 page views daily decided to try linkbucks but i'm just getting 3000 page views counted(USD $1.1), when i should be getting about 18,000-22,000 page views counted due the 20 page views per IP limit and adblockers, and now my bandwith usage skyrocketed while my earnings got sunken hehe.

    Yesterday stats:
    Page views 32994
    IP hosts 1266
    Unique visitors 3934
    Unique sessions 5374

    Mainly first world users(English web site manga).

    Anyone else experienced such low pageview counts?, 90% of my users block ads?
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