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Thread: New Method: Easy Method For LinkBucks & - Completely Autopilot!

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    Default New Method: Easy Method For LinkBucks & - Completely Autopilot!

    Hello, I've done a bunch of Google searching and searched this forum. I haven't been able to find anything related to this particular trick. Please forgive me if it's duplicate. Mods: I know you want to keep this on LinkBucks discussion only. If you feel that I'm out of line with the mentioning of other other methods of monetizing the WordPress site needed to make this tactic work, please delete it at your own discretion. As of right now, I'm leaving everything intact as I feel it's a value to LinkBucks publishers. LinkBucks does not offer display or pop-ads, therefore I feel it's not in direct competition with you and makes this whole tactic that much better.

    This is a copy / paste of the original post. I will link to it at the bottom if anyone wants to view it with images, formatted the way it was originally. If you know any way to improve upon this tactic, I would be very interested to know how! Also if there's any other porn-pinning networks that can replace or Pinsexual, that would be good information to have. If anyone is good with macros, it should be possible to automate any network in this fashion. I believe only Pinsexual can produce RSS though.

    I've recently discovered can be automated through RSS. This opens up a number of possibilities. I wanted to share this particular LinkBucks method with you that's incredibly simple. This method requires several things: account
    LinkBucks account
    WordPress blog
    "Old Post Promoter (OPP)" WordPress Plugin
    A WordPress plugin to add code to header (there's many)
    A lot of adult content to upload

    Building the WordPress blog is incredibly simple. This is by no means a complicated website we have to build either. All we're doing is uploading single pictures to a page.

    Step 1) Upload Content - As mentioned earlier, the first step is uploading the content. Make sure to tag the pictures accordingly, as these will transfer over to tags. Just create a new post and upload a simple picture. If you add some good header-text and description, it'll help your sites search engine rankings, but it takes much longer.

    Step 2) Add LinkBucks Entry-Script - LinkBucks has an entry-script that will display full-page ads every time a visitor enters a site. This is how we're making the money. This is why you also need a plugin that will allow you to add the script to the header of your site. Go to LinkBucks and create your entry-script. LinkBucks will give you a code snippet that you need to punch into the header of your new blog.

    Step 3) Signup For - The next step is to create a account. Within there's a place in your profile to enter an RSS link. At first I thought It'd just add an "RSS badage" on the profile. Turns out it's for importing content. All WordPress sites generate an RSS link. You can find it by punching this URL into the browser; "". Obviously you replace it with your website name, and if the .TLD isn't .com, sub it out for whatever.

    Step 4) Turn on Old Post Promoter - Now you simply flip the switch on the Old Post Promoter plugin. It'll start refreshing the first post and every time it does that, the new post will be pinned to You get paid because of any of the traffic that clicks because of the entry-script.

    Blackhat Trick - Remove The Need To Post ImagesPinsexual Blackhat LinkBucks Trick

    Are you ready to to make this a real automated method and remove the step of having to upload all that content to WordPress? There's a porn pinning website similar to called Pinsexual. The only relevance here is that Pinsexual generates an RSS feed for every single one of their members pins.

    This means that all you have to do is take the users with the niches you want and use the RSS feed to import their posts into WordPress. There are many methods of automating porn sites. For this, I would suggest IFTTT.

    Now you've got an entire Porn-Pinning network making money for you!

    I'm not joking when I say this entire process can be setup in under an hour, assuming you've already got a website name or are able to create a sub-domain to experiment. After that, the WordPress photo blog becomes a fully automated LinkBucks money machine!

    Monetize The Website Through Other Means <----MODS FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS

    LinkBucks isn't the only thing that can be used to monetize your new website. Register for one of the ad networks offering adult display ads and adult pop-ads. This idea is good, as if there's a frequency cap you might not be making money off every visit. This is a way to double-dip into your earnings and make the entire process that much more profitable. And did I mention, all on autopilot?

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    Good tutorial............let me have a go at it.

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    Its actually a very good tutorial, I'm going to implement it and then post some results!

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    Default No website

    Good post but what if I don't have my own website, what other sub-website should I use - (.) wordpress or blogspot?

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