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Thread: Forum Poster 1.0 Free Download

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    Default Forum Poster 1.0 Free Download

    Free forum poster tool that post right from your desktop. No need to login to each forum to post your message. Do it right from your desktop and save a top of time. Save your passwords in the GC Forum Poster and save posts. Send your offer or Ad to all your favorite forums with the click of a button.
    did anyone try this one, it is free ... but i do not know how to use it
    btw. i scanned it with the NOD32 and it find nothing

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    I tried using it but it is fake. Don't waste your time on it. Instead use gallery dump. I used forums for a month and only earned one dollar.Today I used gallery dump and earned 15 cents. Also check out the other sites down in my sig.

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    what really is gallery dump, is it that adult forum that is also called gallery dump or it has some other higher meaning ... please advise

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