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Thread: linkbucks' small bug, and a solution

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    Post linkbucks' small bug, and a solution

    sometimes, you cannot generate mutiple links with linkbucks links-generator .

    For example: you cannot generate
    "<a href="">中文字</a>"
    You can only generate
    "<a href="">English</a>" in example.

    Because there is Chinese word/some words other than English between "> and </a>.

    In order to generate your links,
    this software would add </a>
    into the position you choose to separate "> and the words other than English.
    eg: <a href=""></a>中文字</a>
    So that you can generate the links with linkbucks' links generator

    After changing the links,
    it would become eg: <a href=""></a>中文字</a>

    Then you can copy the code with linkbucks' link into this software
    click the Remove button on this software to remove the extra </a>
    Finally, you will get the correct code
    eg: <a href="">中文字</a>

    download link:

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    i would like to assume 'no special characters'
    so go with that

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