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    Hi i would use your cashlink and i would know few things.
    for what concern this : " Extremely poor ad click-through rate on your links. "

    1) is there a % , just to have an idea for what concern the extremely poor ad click? I know that the advice should be click from the user by his will but if i have i.e 10.000 click for a day and i recive only 50 clicks on advice is extremely poor ? Cause i use normaly another shorter link and i make survay to users to understand how many times they click on advertising. Normaly i recive about the 6%-9% (i did cause i'm studing marketing and it's my passion too , and i would understand which and why user click on an advertising for my thesis)

    2) i read in the FAQ that there is wrote "your paiments are istant" but i see in this forum that many poeple are under "review". What does it mean? Why i should be under review? Always for poor click or the opposite?


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    1. Don't worry about it too much, it's basically a term against bots, as long as you are having humans click your links your good.
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