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Thread: Make Money Online - Mega Thread!!!

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    Method 4:


    A new job board targeted to technology professionals offers ways to make both employers’ and job seekers’ lives a little bit easier.

    Odesk, a job board for freelance and contract technology work, boasts a “best business model” for both employers and employees. The site offers guaranteed work to employers and guaranteed payment to workers. Essentially, oDesk allows an employer to remotely hire, manage and pay contractors.

    Through the site, employers are able to search, interview and hire candidates globally; collaborate and see remote work as it’s being produced and only pay employees for the time they work. The site allows workers to post a profile; apply to jobs; interview for free; automatically track the time they work and receive guaranteed payment.

    Odesk helps both employers and job seekers make sure they’re getting the most from their time and money. Employers can be assured their potential employees have the relevant experience needed, as a candidate’s profile is made up of verified work history and feedback, cover letters, portfolios and certification test scores. Employers also know their workers are getting the job done, because they have access to work diaries, which record screenshots and memos of an employee’s work every 10 minutes.

    Employees are able to arrange for flexible, hourly work schedules and are paid weekly through oDesk. oDesk currently has 182,797 workers who have delivered more than $57 million in services.

    It seems like anyone looking for a freelance tech job would have some luck with oDesk. Not only is the thought of guaranteed payment for a job seeker’s hard work a great idea, especially in today’s economy, but the site offers a convenient, win-win situation for employers and job seekers.

    Step By Step Instructions:


    First, sign up for a free account with ODesk. Log in to ODesk and follow the steps to create an account.


    Once you have your account established, spend a lot of time on your new profile/resume page. This is the page that prospective "bosses" will be viewing and basing their decision on. You'll want it to be impressive, but quick to read and not too lengthy.


    I cannot stress the importance of spell check and grammar on this page, ESPECIALLY if you are advertising yourself as a freelance writer or editor. Because if you're worth the money, you'd know to check your own work for mistakes. One error on a resume like that and business professionals will be clicking around elsewhere.


    Take the ODesk online tests. This is a great way to show prospective business partners what your knowledge is best in, and how well you know your way around a software program. Take your time and do the best you can--your scores will show up on your profile page for the world to see, so study, study, study!


    Once you've created an eyecatching and professional profile page, upload a picture. Yes, some business owners would rather SEE the person they are outsourcing their work to. Don't use any crazy avatars or animated images that are too distracting--stick with a great picture of you with a happy face.


    Set your rate. On ODesk, you can set your hourly wage. Keep in mind that ODesk takes a percentage of it, so be sure to figure that in. It's always best to start low--remember, you are competing with a lot of people from India that will work for next to nothing, but you will want to emphasize that you are from the US and show that you are worth what they pay. Start cheap to get started--trust me. If you start your pay too high and you don't have any past experience, it will be a while before you get your first job.


    Apply for jobs. Search through their job listings for your area of interest. Read the descriptions, see the specifications they require, and if you're interested, apply. It will bring you to a page where you send a cover letter with your resume / profile page. This is very important--it is the letter they will first see and decide whether they want to look at your profile page or not. Make it intriguing, but don't sound desperate. Also, be sure to be polite and grammatically correct.


    Apply for numerous jobs. Some you may get interviews for, some you may never hear from and they expire after 30 days, and some you may be turned down for. DO NOT get discouraged. There are so many job postings, you're bound to find a match somewhere!


    Yay, you get your first job! Do your best! Be sure to log into ODesk's software (it takes screen shots of your work during hourly wage jobs and guarantees you will be paid for what you do!) and work your heart out. Just like eBay, ODesk has a feedback system. Feedback is important on this site--get it and get it good! I have over 10 positive marks on my account, and I get numerous requests for work because of my "impressive" feedback and history on ODesk. So it will help you in the longrun.


    Withdraw your profits and smile on the way to the bank--you just had your first online freelancing job. How does it feel?

    Register @ Odesk

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    Method 5:


    At Mylot You get paid to post start discussions and post replies to topics started by other users.

    Here are some tips and tricks to increase your earnings given by MyLotters which I have collated. These MyLotters have shown better earnings after using these strategies. Check them out!

    1) Set a Target

    There are times when I visit Mylot but I spent most of the time reading other people's discussions instead of posting my own comments. Without a target, you will get distracted like I often do. So, if you are serious about earning money at Mylot, it is important that you set realistic targets for yourself. Depending on how much time you have to spend on Mylot, how many posts do you intend to make in a day? Some of them set a target of 50-75 posts in a day. What about you? What is your target?

    2) Quality Posts

    It is important that your posts add value to the person who started the discussion. What benefit have they gained from your post? Did it give a new perspective? Did it have a different angle to the understanding of the mentioned issue? How did you manage to solve their problems?

    3) Length of Posts

    It is important that you write at least 4-6 lines for each comment. But make sure that it is not just nonsense in those 4-6 lines though. A single line comment is often frowned upon and will not help with your earnings much.

    4) Add Smiley Faces/Emoticons

    Apparently, adding smiley faces help to increase your earnings. It is seen as adding feelings into your post, besides adding your thoughts. There is also a maximum number of smiley faces that you can put per post. You can only add 3 smiley faces. However, you need to have posted at least 200 comments before the smiley faces are activated in your Add Comment section.

    5) Add Tags

    Tags serve as important ways for people to find your discussions. MyLot sees it as adding value to your comment and will award you for it. So, do not skip tags at the end of your comments.

    6) Rating

    Rating other MyLotters is another form of participation. You can rate others with a [+] or [-] or [!]. By doing this, it encourages others to do the same too. It is also a form of recognition for good comments and build a supportive forum community within MyLot. So remember to rate others.

    7) Start New Discussions

    If you have a burning question which has not been addressed in MyLot, why not start your own discussion thread. The tip for starting new discussions is to keep it short and interesting. Make sure the title catches the attention of other MyLotters. Ask yourself whether you would take a look at such a discussion thread if you see that title. Most importantly, get to the point! What do you want your readers to comment about? There are some people who do not get any responses for their discussion because they are simply making a statement about something, not asking for comments. To build a good discussion thread, there must be room for readers to give their opinions based on their personal experiences.

    8) Referrals

    It is important that you find active referrals. It's not going to be easy to find active forum members. Some may not even post a single comment after joining under you. So the key to increased earnings in MyLot will have to be finding active referrals.

    9) Upload Photos

    If you have interesting photos, why don't you upload them at MyLot. You will get 1 cent for every time your photo is viewed.

    10) Type Fast

    If you have a limited amount of time, typing fast can ensure that you get to post as many comments as possible. But please make sure that you don't have spelling mistakes when typing fast. Typo error irks readers.

    I hope the tips and tricks help you to earn more at MyLot. Happy posting!

    Register @ Mylot

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    Thumbs up

    Great guys keep the good work!!

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    Thanks for the great info and tutorials!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by peanutbuttertoes View Post
    i like using pornhost and uploading porn videos, you can link this to an adultfriendfinder id and make good money without even having to promote the video.
    Beware is a scam..They will never pay you a single penny

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    Method 6:

    Get paid to upload and earn money concept is getting popular by popularity of online file sharing services. Since there are many online file sharing services around with many options for their free and paid userbase, competition in this arena to get most users provides us another opportunity to get paid to upload and earn money online. Since in our daily life we share email attachments, documents, music, movies, pictures, photos, etc. frequently with others. As a blogger and webmaster, we can even use such get paid to upload and earn money services to store out big files and documents to create another passive income stream. I know there are numerous get paid to upload and earn money opportunities day by day appearng online but I focus on the best ones as much as I can here… Hope to add another opportunity for you to earn money.


    Uploading offers get paid to upload and earn money program and pays out $10 for US based and for EU based countries and $5 for Russian based downloads! Minimum payment amount is $30. They pay via Epese, Epassporte, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and PayPal. Payments can be done daily upon request.They have a referral program too paying 10% of the amount earned by your referrals.


    On the 10 February 2009 they introduce new improved tariffing for Bonus Program participants to be get paid to upload! Now there are flexible tariffs that depends on the size of files you upload to depositfiles.
    Tariffs for 1000 unique downloads:
    File Size Tariff
    1Mb .. 4Mb - $2
    5Mb .. 9Mb - $3
    10Mb .. 49Mb - $5
    50Mb .. 99Mb - $6
    100Mb .. 249Mb - $8
    250Mb .. 2000Mb - $10

    For example: if you have 5 files each of 1 MB, 10 of 50 MB, 15 of 100 MB and 15 of 250 MB, your average tariff will be $7.5 for 1000 downloads! They pay for downloads originated from USA and Russia only (as of end of February 2009 they have also started to pay downloads originated from Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada). Minimum payment is $10. They pay through paypal or webmoney. You will be earning 20% of you referral’s revenue also.

    Update (3rd April 2009): Now in addition to the current list of countries you can get extra 100% of earnings of your referrals from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova!!!


    -$5 for every 1000 downloads (filesize 5-50Mb)
    -$7 for every 1000 downloads (filesize 50-100Mb)
    -$10 for every 1000 downloads (filesize 100-1000Mb)

    You get 20% from the money earned from affiliates who you referred to the HotFile

    File copies and different download links are supported

    Count every single finished download. There is no limitations for file downloads (even from same IP)

    FTP upload, Remote Upload

    Auto backup for all uploads so file won't be lost

    128kb for free users download speed and unlimited download speed for premium users

    User friendly interface - no popups, no adverts, no tricks

    Weekly payments through Epassporte,Paypal,Webmoney

    Detailed statistics of downloads and revenues

    Minimum Payout is 15$


    $20 for 1,000 unique downloads by US users.

    $15 for 1,000 unique downloads by EU users.

    Upload files either via the web form, or through FTP. After that, place links to these files on your sites, and watch the dough coming.

    Webmaster area contains:

    - FTP access details for uploading files
    - Links to ready-made portals with most popular software content
    - Usable and detailed statistics
    - RSS feed to be parsed on your sites

    The minimal payout sum is $30.

    Pay 2 times per month to ePassporte, EPESE, Webmoney, PayPal and wire transfer

    Pay Rates:

    US 0.02
    CH 0.015
    FR 0.015
    IT 0.015
    BE 0.015
    FI 0.015
    GR 0.015
    CY 0.015
    ES 0.015
    NL 0.015
    AT 0.015
    GB 0.015
    DE 0.015
    CA 0.015
    NO 0.015
    AU 0.015
    DK 0.015
    NZ 0.015
    SE 0.015
    PR 0.015


    This file sharing service pays you 30$ for 1000 downloads from following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Swiss, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Norway, Sweden,Finland. They pay you when you reach 30$ in your account through paypal. Although the download has restricted to some countries, to upload and earn money is available internationally! They have a referral program too paying you 20% from money earned for downloads from affiliates who you referred to the Sharing Matrix affiliate program. They pay bi-weekly.


    They host your files in multiple file sharing services at once. Their payout are between $2 and $0,20 according to the location of downloader. They pay $2 for 1000 unique hits from Canada, US, UK, and $1 for 1000 unique hits from Australia and Western Europe countires. $0.50 for 1000 unique hitsh from Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine. And for all other countries they pay $0.20 per 1000 unique hits. They pay through paypal automatically once your account reach 10$ minimum payment treshhold.


    You will get about $0.002 / 2 Points for each unique download, where the filesize will be in between 20MB to 100MB. If Your filesize is below 20MB or in between 1MB to 19MB, You will get about $0.001 / 1 Points for each Unique download by using KewlShare to upload files and earn money. They have a referral program also paying $0.10 referral bonus, when someone joins with KewlShare through your referral link and uploads his/her first file. The payment is done through paypal only when your account balance reaches $10.

    Happy Uploading!!!

    P.S. If you need help with Forums list where you can post your links, mail me at payme1111 @ (without the spaces)
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    There are many ways how to earn money online but most of them don't suit me. I am a creative person and I make my own music. So, this is what I usually do and I try to earn money with it. Of course, this often fails. However, I do my best and even use the site here to buy plays on Spotify. They help me to promote my music

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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerfan View Post
    There are other clean ways of making money on the internet you know?!
    Surely, yes. There are a lot of people working online and even making money online with the help of offline businesses. For instance, I found EMOP online, but they provide cleaning services offline. And their services are really great and quality.

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    Thanks for this useful thread. I want to add my two cents. Many businesses require different IT solutions in order to reach your goals. But not all companies have opportunities to handle these solutions on your own. So, read here and find out more about IT outsourcing in Ukraine. Local specialists can handle anything.

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    Well many realtors in today's situation are working remotely because of the virus outbreak and prices of condos in toronto have gone down quiet low as compared to other properties.

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