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Thread: Eating & Cooking Food

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    Are you eat Pho in Viet Nam yet?

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    ho chi minh


    I really like eating rather then cooking.
    i like to cook chicken or meat for my

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    when I travel so I need healthy food rather than eating some kind of junk or any sort of oily food so Food near me is good and we should have options as many as we can choice out of them which is better for our health and traveling is just a dizzy feeling.

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    Yesterday my friend entertained me with the delicious red caviar sandwich. I can't tell that it was anything unbelievable, but I liked it and want to eat more. The thing is that my parents didn't buy caviar at all. And I am surprised why. It is rather tasty and useful as well. As for me, it is one more tip to have a quick meal for a couple of hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VampirePrincess View Post
    Today i eat chicken qorma in lunch.
    yummy it's herd tasty

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    I like playing computer games and watching TV

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