I for one love food, like many people, and am always curious what other people are eating at any given time or what they ate last.
Even better, I like to hear about people's favorite recipes and cooking methods.

Tonight I had homemade meatball subs with my girlfriend. I just winged it but here's how I did it:

Put a pound of extra lean ground beef in a mixing bowl. Jabbed holes in it with my fingers (wearing gloves) and mixed in Montreal steak spice, cayenne pepper, black pepper, basil, and finely chopped onions... before shaping the meatballs (to the size of golf balls) and placing them in a casserole dish. Doused the raw meatballs in pizza sauce, ketchup, hot sauce, and a dash of honey garlic BBQ sauce, before putting it in preheated oven (375-400F). I probably should've blended the sauce together and then dumped it on.

Cooked for 15 min and then flipped the balls and stirred/basted the sauce. Cooked for another 10 min.
I dumped out the leftover sauce for the stray cat as it was pretty greasy.

Threw the cooked balls into a frying pan with marinara sauce (any pasta sauce or blend will do). If you can, use a sauce which is made with San Marzano vine-ripened tomatoes (from Italy). I covered the pan for a bit and cooked on low, stirring occasionally. The idea behind this is to let the marinara soak in and also to thinken up the texture by evaporating some of the moisture.

Spread some marinara on both sides of steak bun and loaded on 4 meatballs with grated marble cheese and finely sliced letuce.

I didn't have any green pepper, but I was feeling adventurous so I put a thin line of ranch up the middle.