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Thread: How Many Hours Do You Need to Sleep?

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    I must sleep 8 hrs. Then I get up and eat breakfast and then lay down for another 30 minute nap.... lol
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    I always go to bed late. But I should sleep more early
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    Quote Originally Posted by CashMan99 View Post
    I always go to bed late. But I should sleep more early
    Agree man, all the time

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    Well, I shouldn't go to bed late. I try go to bed early everyday :'(. But i 've just addicted to Reddit..

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    It varies for everyone. For me 5 to 6 hours a day are completely fine. However, it is suggested to take 8 hours sleep everyday. Gclistens

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    it all depends on how tired I am. but I like to sleep a lot!

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    I have been having trouble sleeping for a while now up until recently when i discovered CBD and i am absolutely happy with the results! You can buy CBD easily and you can change the way you sleep!

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