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Thread: how long to pay via paypal?

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    Default how long to pay via paypal?

    how long to pay in paypal??

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    Instantly usually, but in really bad cases can take up to 14 days
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    Quote Originally Posted by siva12 View Post
    you can pay instantly..!!
    Usually Linkbucks pays instantly ... The key word is usually ...

    So do not come back here crying when your payment is put in review ... Every once in a while everyone's payment is put in review including Admin Suzuki and yes.. mine to ...


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    As they've said, it's normally instant.

    I recommend not making more than 1 payment at one time.
    Wait for one to process before requesting another.

    Normally a review shouldn't last longer than a few days to a week but if there's something wrong with our payment system then it could be longer.
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