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    Hello i am looking to start advertising campaigns with Linkbucks but i have a few questions before i do.

    *How fast can i get visitors? Lets say i need around 5k visitors per day or in 2 days. Main target either mixed world traffic or low pay countries like China etc.

    **Would it be possible to get bulk discount in the future if i decide to choose you. (up to 100 campaigns at the same time all needing up to 5k+ visitors)

    ***Would it be ossible to deliver 10k visitors per day to a single campaign? (From low paying countries)

    ****How many hits per day, per campaign are you generally providing for US/Canada/UK and how many do you believe you would be capable of providing.

    Looking forward to hearing your answers.

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    Hard to determine traffic amounts.

    I think we should be able to meet your desired quota, but there are many fluctuating variables that play a role in our supply. Just do a test campaign and see how it treats you. If you don't find it to be enough, start a duplicate campaign to help mop up extra traffic. Keep in mind that we just switched from raw to unique (this lowered traffic quantity but greatly increased the quality).

    Yes, bulk discounts are negotiable on very large orders, but often there are countries which get sold out. We're considering implementing a bidding system to allow the highest bidder, to avoid sell outs.

    Bear in mind though we've had some advertisers spend thousands per campaign...

    PS - We just added a new ad type - pop-under
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    I know that if you do 10k per day on Worldwide traffic you will not have any problems.
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