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    Default what is the problem

    i m new on linkbucks and found it quite intresting but i m facing one problem...

    i uploaded few files in one of the uploading sites and convert one download link with linkbucks(with intermission ad).....then for testing purpose i clicked on that link(then clicked on skip this ad option) and finally reachd my downloading link....

    i went back to my earnings and my earnings were increased from $0.0000 $0.0001...but i read that intermission ad pays 1$ per 2000 means 0.0005$ per click..but m getting only 0.0001$...

    why so???

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    no one is intrested in help

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    I am not much sure about the things that you have said. Because I ma new to this forum and I just start studying about this. Mobile Signal Booster UK It seems like you have a serious issue when thinking by your side. Let's hope that someone will clear your doubts.

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