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    Default Count Bug?

    Does linkbucks bug or something?Im new to this and I make a link and before I add it to a website I wanted to check if its working.So I clicked over 10 times myself and it stopped counting clicks at number six.It should be 12 clicks

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    Your not allowed to click your own links to earn.

    You can be banned for doing it.

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    Ok I wont do it again,but does linkbucks bug sometimes?

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    That's not true, FSM. You're allowed to click your links as much as you want, however, like any IP, only 10 clicks per 24 hours will be counted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzuki View Post
    however, like any IP, only 10 clicks per 24 hours will be counted.
    So basically any IP over ten (10) clicks will not earn you additional Linkbucks earnings (due to fraud prevention)
    the linkbucks advertisements are still there making Linkbucks money ...

    Does that just about sum it up ?

    Now with all of Admin Commanderbucks fraud prevention scrips.. you tell how a ten (10) click max is fair ...

    This explanation should be real juicy ...


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