I have recently bought some ads campaigns here on Adf.ly and on linkbucks... .on Linkbucks results are worse than on Adf.ly, so I have to admit that adf.ly is better (even if rates are higher)... but taking into account the results separately..... both Adf.ly and Linkbucks were a waste of money, at least taking into account my experience.

It seems traffic is not good: it clicks the link and then close it without letting the timer finish, or it simply doesn't care of the ads... I tried to advertise some nice landing pages... results were terrible... very few registered on the websites, despite spending more than 100 euro on both websites.

Result: I don't know if I will buy again ads here and I will probably not suggest both sites to advertisers. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I was advertising one of the highest paying and high in terms of conversion sectors... and results were simply bad.