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    Default histats questions...

    can someone explain this for me?

    Page views: 147
    Visitors: 26
    new visitors: 16 (61.5%)

    does it mean that there are 26 visitors to the site and 16 of them are new visitors meaning - 10 of the returning visitors have visited the site within a 12hrs period. If the same visitor visit the site after 12hrs when he last visited, he will be counted as new visitor.

    can't find the answer on histats itself.


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    Default also depends on how you set up your counter default i think is 12hrs.but you can tell it to count a person as new every 1-2-3-4hrs what ever. so you have unique views per day total per day is every one with in a 24 hr time set so if i come back 13hrs later i am counter 2 times.then page view.

    i have mine set to 24hrs so you only get counted once per day no matter when or how many times you visit my sites

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    gemboy, any ideas how to edit counter settings.

    I can only see the option to edit counter style.

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    seems the site has change since i was last but go here

    or here

    but it seems all hits are counted as unique every 24hrs
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