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Thread: What should my website be about?

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    Exclamation What should my website be about?

    I'm going to register a domain, point the domain to free hosting servers, and install wordpress on it. I have a free eBook guide too that I'm going to follow.

    Just one question...

    What should it be about?

    Thanks everyone,


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    It can be about whatever you want. Some ideas for where to start.

    1) What are you passionate about? What do you like?

    2) What will be popular for the Internet masses? How will you attract visitors?
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    First of all, what topic or topics does the eBook guide cover?

    Secondly, what type of things are you interested in? If you want to succeed in online marketing, then you absolutely MUST find a niche that you are truly interested in.

    As for "what should it be about"...Well, that depends solely on YOU! What things interest you? What things do you enjoy? What things do you know something or a lot about?

    Really, the only way to truly succeed in online marketing is to find something that you, yourself are truly passionate about. That, and something that consumers actually want!

    And once you've found that niche, then run with it to see how it converts into sales, revenue, etc.

    But don't just start a website simply for the sake of starting a website and hoping that you'll make some money from it. 'Cause that, alone, won't work. In order for it to work, you've got to focus on the marketing side of things as well!

    Find something that has consumer demand, and something that YOU can offer to those consumers.

    Then, focus on offering it better than anyone else does! That's they key!

    If you can fulfill a need better than anyone else can, then you have it made in the shade!
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