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Thread: Bring traffic to your site very easily

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saddiq View Post
    how to convert links
    what do you exactly mean?

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    hey i was wondering if you could make a youtube vid on this....
    im still having a hard time understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokosan View Post
    Hello, this is my referral link

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    OH MY! people still not learn and continue hijacking threads, OPEN A NEW ONE PLS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsncaf View Post
    OH MY! people still not learn and continue hijacking threads, OPEN A NEW ONE PLS!
    I know.... some idiots just think that by posting in popular threads their links will be clicked... but what they don't realize is that they will be identified by other users as just an annoyance and will be ignored.

    Hopefully Marjit will return and clean his thread up...

    BTW: I've been using his method for a few months now and traffic to my site has doubled since I started...

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    just tried this will let you knwo the results

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    nice.... i'll get on it right now

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    seems a workable method to bring huge traffic
    will follow the steps and see how it goes

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