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Thread: 15 Effective Ways to Monetize a Forum

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    Default 15 Effective Ways to Monetize a Forum

    Iíve been thinking of building an online community/forum and so did some asking around and research on the topic of forum monetization. Iím primarily concerned with this because Iím already familiar with the usual traffic building, administrative and forum marketing tactics.

    Here is a comprehensive list of methods which you can use to monetize your forum. They apply for all niches, though optimal results will be achieved when you have a significantly large and loyal user community.

    1. Offer Paid Subscriptions

    Examples of paid subscription models includes offering premium features and services, materials, content for members who are willing to pay monthly or one-time fees.

    SEOBlackHat Forum has been very successful with this format. Uniqueness of content and user loyalty are two important factors which determine how well subscriptions will work for you.

    2. Use Relevant Affiliate programs.

    Web Hosting Ads work well with Webmaster forums. Dating website ads such as are compatible with lifestyle forums. The trick is to find a affiliate program that fits perfectly with your target audience.

    3. Make Private Advertising arrangements.

    From what Iíve heard, this is one of the best earners for forum owners. Your ad selling power will depend on the strength of your traffic and user community. Be pro-active in approaching advertisers and businesses.

    4. Seek Donations from members.

    Success in seeking donations will depend on community loyalty, forum age and quality of interaction/resources offered. Offer permanent links on a donor page to encourage donations.

    An example: Digital Point will give you a permanent PR 7 link when you donate $500 or more to offset their server costs. Being a fan of the forum, Iíll willingly donate even if I didnít get a link back. User loyalty and interest in the community is most important here.

    5. Use Forums for Cross-promotional marketing

    Forum traffic is very useful when you have your own affiliate program or a main money site. Forum members are potential customers. Donít neglect them and focus on placing on-site ads alone.

    6. Set up a Fee-based marketplace

    This allows members to buy, sell or trade products and services. SitePoint and Earners Forum offer marketplaces which charge you a small fee in order to make a listing to sell any websites.

    7. Sell Sponsored ďStickyĒ Threads.

    Every forum owner knows that sticky threads are the most viewed item in every forum. Getting a monthly sponsor for them is easy because youíve have a lot of traffic leverage to negotiate pricing.

    8. Find Sponsors for Forum sub-sections.

    If you have dozens of subsections with different topics, this will allow you to offer relevant advertising opportunities for potential sponsors. E.G. Car Insurance ads for a subsection on Automobiles/Import Tuning.

    9. Sell Sponsored Text links or Messages

    This allows for a lot of flexibility and offers advertisers maximum SEO benefit by allowing them to have keywords within content. These are usually placed under the first post of each thread. Footer links can also apply if your forum has many indexed pages, each with internal PR.

    10. Develop and Promote a Forum newsletter

    A newsletter can be used to update members and promote affiliate products personally. Great for niche forums who offer troubleshooting on specific products/topics. Remember to include opt-in options during the registration process.

    11. Create a Blog for Your Forum

    A blog on the same domain as the forum is useful if your forum has a large user base or sees a lot of traffic. It also allows you to sell paid reviews while offering another ad option for advertisers who want more exposure and personal recommendations.

    12. Pick up some Adsense Optimization Tips

    Learning how to optimize Adsense for forums is fairly important when youíve never used contextual advertising for forums before.

    The learning process also involves continual tweaking and experimentation once you have enough traffic to allow for accurate ad placement testing.

    13. Search Optimize your Forum

    To continuously increase the number of forum members requires you to develop strong organic or search traffic. Developing some basic understanding of Forum SEO can be very helpful.

    14. Create an Online Store

    This allows you to sell affiliate products or your own products/tools. This can be digital or physical products, tools and can include relevant feeds from affiliate websites.

    15. Create an Affiliate program to Attract Advertisers

    An affiliate program rewards users for bringing in advertisers. This is a good way to give back to your readers while making full use of your community to develop monetization opportunities. One of my favorite tactics.

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    I have monetized this forum..

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    Great tips but did you type this all by yourself or you just picking them in somewhere else?

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    Great tips but did you type this all by yourself or you just picking them in somewhere else?
    No he copy pasted it lolz

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    at least say thanks you sad people!

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