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Thread: Not good traffic!

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    You might want to advertise LB with CPA or cost-per-action, works pretty well for me and is giving me a nice profit

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    give people a good product and they will bite your links

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLY17 View Post
    give people a good product and they will bite your links

    I make sales all the time, so not sure why the complaints.

    There are ways of detecting "anon proxy clicks".

    But so far with my experience, its been all good.

    Remember, we are not what the the link clicker(s) are intending to see. So with a really good teaser/hook advertisement, you could have potential conversions.
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    I am an advertiser who has literally been "scammed" out of his money, the thread i posted here over a week ago has not yet been approved because it shows that out of $282 invested with linkbucks i have not received a single conversion and nor have i even received the majority of my traffic! I have also sent them an email but to no avail, i want a refund as the traffic was completely "unresponsive" which had tell tail signs of "bot" traffic.

    Extremely disappointed with the level of professionalism when speaking to staff & disappointed with the service...

    @Admins, Mods please read my original thread in the Advertisers section and reply to me instead of ignoring it as i have seen admins were online today.

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    Yes it is true, i have a social bookmarking site, in which other people come and share news, and most of the users online their are always bots, mean to real traffic, it puts lot of load on server, and we get nothing in return, so is their any advice for me too?

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    I'm planning to buy some LB advertisements but I'm not reading good reviews. I'll probably hold back for now...

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    actually sir in this same thread and this exact page there are 2 posts with positive reviews imagine if u checked the rest of the forums ?

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    Yes, smart move. I have never had a customer service rep disrespect me in the way that theirs do. I wrote them a nice email years ago, simple questioning why I wasn't able to use all the money I deposited, the rep who wrote me back had a very nasty attitude and was dismissive, so I said forget it since it was only $3.40 I was ripped off.

    Back then I was only testing $15, because I wasn't into paid traffic. Now, years later, my internet business is doing well, I wanted to start investing hundreds to possibly thousands monthly, I thought I'd give them another try to see why I wasn't able to use all of my money the last time before depositing hundreds, but the same thing--rude attitude, lies and could care less even though I provided proof to them that I should have had $3.40 left for advertising.

    I have lost faith in this company and now view them as a scam company that I will be reporting to BBB, ripoff report, blog websites, video websites, etc. It's really sad a company would be so unprofessional and rude to their customers.

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    "Bot's sending traffic to advertisers" this is not a goog thing i hate bots crawling my blog except from search engines bot.
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