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Thread: Content locker links should be totally locked

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    Default Content locker links should be totally locked

    sorry for posting this earlier on another persons thread, seems like im trying to hijack his thread so im bringing it up here.

    For what i've read locker links would turn into in ads when there are no surveys available for the user.. I think it would be better if there is an option to totally lock it out and not allow the link to be seen if the user is not in a country that has a survey?

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    Default any reply?

    any info would be greatly appreciated... ty

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    I'm not sure if that's the best approach, but I've noticed the same thing.

    I made a software which is locked behind a locker link and I don't charge for it because the surveys give a reasonable amount of cash and at the same time users get it for free so it's a win win situation.

    But if some one is in a country where no surveys are available they get the software through a simple intervention link which gives me practically nothing for my software.

    I just think something should be done about it


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