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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was against the rules to use free traffic exchange sites to promote our links? They aren't autosurf and members aren't really forced to click. Any help/info is appreciated! =D

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    Bit of a bump I know, but it's a good question that could use an answer.

    I've always wondered this too.

    I could understand directly promoting an LB link(Which is impossible anyway as framebreaking pages are not accepted by any exchange) as being quite illegitimate, but a page with LB links on it, I see no issue. They only click if they are interested.

    For quality of people viewing ads, let's be honest: you generally don't want to view an ad, whether it be on TV, youtube, Google, etc. This is no different; you are merely creating exposure and POSSIBLE clicks for your link.

    Most exchanges allow framebreakers to be linked to in banners and text ads, however. Would it be okay to convert whatever the banners/text ads lead to into a paid link? For example, if I am advertising Site A, would it be fine to convert that into LB link A, and have the ad go through LB Link A first?

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    Default dont use auto surfing sites

    they will ban you if you post LB links to autosurfing sites!!!!!

    beter make a blog and add your links there!!!

    give your blog adress to auto surfing sites...

    see my blog

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