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Thread: how to use porn advertising

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    how can i use porn sites to get mutch traffic on my website ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldpker View Post
    how can i use porn sites to get mutch traffic on my website ?
    Let's see if I understand what you want.

    1. You have a website.
    2. You want to get more visitors.
    3. You want to promote your website via other porn websites?

    I'd say that if these are correct, you may be looking at buying targeted traffic from some porn websites?...
    But I seriously doubt that is what you're looking for... To be honest... I have not seen many people in this board that are willing to put the work in, much less spend some money to promote their sites.
    My guess is you're hoping to have someone give you an answer like this:
    Sure man... that's easy... just go to this forum: blah...blah... blah..

    But reality is that getting traffic to your site is not easy and it takes lots of work.
    You need quality content.
    You need to build relationships with other webmasters
    You need to build link trades for your website
    All that takes work and dedication... and from what I see in this forum every day, most people here are just looking for a way to make easy money (the problem is that there is no such thing as easy money).

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    thanks! your respond is very useful to me!

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    Put your site link signature and User Profile, upload a nice avatar and make a good post, you can also share a file with the link to your site, for example, you upload file in Megaupload, leave your site link in Description and share it

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