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Thread: Deal Of A LifeTime ?

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    Default Deal Of A LifeTime ?

    Right i have a deal for you guys.

    Have you Got a account ?

    if not register now Here !
    i have my own site that gets around 2 million impressions daily.

    what i will do is host your img on my index page for a day
    for 30% of what you ear that day ?

    i earn around $300 a day ,

    Its Up To You ..

    Let me know if your interested

    You could make a banner that i will host

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    I used to use Shareapic but after cuttings earnings in half and this
    Important Announcement

    Shareapic is temporarily ceasing the issuing of payments to members in order to pool money to fight a pending lawsuit. Members will still accrue their image view & referral earnings as usual, however payments will be put on hold until further notice.

    There are much better alternates.

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