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Thread: Poolpy's Linkbucks Video Tutorials. Help You Get Started And Earning.

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    thanks again
    Vaporizer Affiliate Program
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    Greatly appreciated, this will really give me a good place to begin!

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    I am watching so many videos and asking people but i am not the smartest user. I dont get it how to make my blog into a Linkbuck. I transformed my blog-link into a linkbuck and i dont know where to put it.

    My point is that when people join my blog, speaking of opening my side, that Linkbuck sends me money,everytime someone does that.

    I dont want to go in forums and spam my link to my blog and people click on it so i get money. My point is that people in Blogger, who are joining my site threw Blogger, have to pass threw Linkbuck first,so i get money, than they can visit my page, know what i mean?

    Another point is when people press on the button "comment" to comment one of my pictures, videos, etc., then i should get for the click money too.

    I am really confused about that and i need help. No clue where to put the transformed links that i get money in those 2 ways.


    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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    put your blog in your sig, that will help you get visitors to your blog.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    thank you guide

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    Default Hmmm...

    Thanx PooIpy...
    As a new member, I found your tutorial is most useful for me..

    Hopefully..u can add more tutorial to guide a new member like me..

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    ADULTHSITE [18+]
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    how can i set up a blog where a linkbucks top banner appears for every visitor, like the forum tutorial?

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    plzzz help why when i want to shre my link on facebook i can t do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by walverine View Post
    plzzz help why when i want to shre my link on facebook i can t do it
    What do you mean ? ... I hate seeing intelligence like yours go to waste ... Facebook accepts all sorts of links even porn ...
    PM Super Moderator Poolpy and he'll get right back to you ...

    Always helpful

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