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Thread: When will you integrate bidding system ?

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    Default When will you integrate bidding system ?

    Hello, i remember a thread when an admin spoke about the integration of a new bidding system like but i would like to know when will you make this change ? Because it become really difficult and not interessant for advertisers to buy new campaign because we receive ridiculous amount of trafic or many countries are sold out ...
    Thank you

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    It's still up in the air. We will surely make a post when more details are available.
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    Default Bad Idea

    Bidding system is not good.
    Adfly use bidding system and they have mass more traffic then linkbucks.
    So bidding system would only hurt LB and LB costumers!

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    Default I somehow prefer linkbucks

    Havent got my ads approved however placed more orders on link bucks compared to Would like to see the results of link bucks. :-)

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    thank for you patience alvinooi89

    LB team seem to be quite busy those day with payment and everything but i'm sure they enjoy making buisness with you .

    Have you tried to contact them with the contact form on site to see whats going on with you ads ? usualy they answer quite fast on that page

    Good luck with your ads


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