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Thread: Linkbucks Forum Rules And Explanations Of Use.

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    Default Linkbucks Forum Rules And Explanations Of Use.

    Linkbucks Forum Rules And Explanations Of Use.

    Forum Rules

    • Be Polite, Respect Other Users
    • Respect Linkbucks Staff
    • No Useless Bumping
    • Do Not Spam The Forum
    • Keep Double Posting To A Minimum
    • No Copyrighted Material On The Forum
    • No Adult Content On The Forum
    • Do Not Post The Same Topics More Than Once
    • Only Register 1 Forum Account
    • Do Not Post Linkbucks Direct Competitors
    • Use Appropriate Language
    • Do Not Post Threads Asking People To Click Your Links
    • Do Not Post 1001 Threads Asking Why You Havent Recieved Your Payment

    Forum Explanations

    News And Changes

    This forum is used for moderators or admins announcing things that have changed or aditions that have been made to the site. Normal members are not allowed to create threads in this section but they can reply to threads.

    Making Money With Linkbucks

    This forum is used for users to tell other users how they earnt money on linkbucks and share tips about how people can increase there earnings with linkbucks. This forum is not for people to post other ways of making money on different sites.

    Share Links

    A place where people can share links and tell people about how they can make money on other sites. No one is to post anything about linkbucks competitors in this forum.

    Support And Suggestions

    This forum is for people to ask for help about anything they may need help with when using Link Bucks. You may not ask for help with other sites as this is the linkbucks forum. If you want help with other sites ask at their sites.

    Chit Chat

    This is basically a thread where people can discuss anything they want, From Linkbucks to Favourite Moderators. This section may not be used to talk about anything that fits into other categories.


    Here you can talk about anime. You may not post links to anime as this would infringe on the rule no copyrighted material. You may however have threads about your anime site.

    Test Area

    You can do whatever you like here. But some rules still apply. No copyrighted material, No adult material, Do not post linkbucks competitors.

    Payments In Review

    If your payment was not automatically posted to your account this means that it needs to be reviewed by an administrator before you get it. This is to prevent people from abusing the system and cheating there way into free money.
    Also please do not post heaps of threads asking why you have not been payed as it may take a bit of time for your payment top be posted to your account.
    If you have been waiting for over 2 weeks Pm one of the admins with the details of your payment request and the date you made the request.
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