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Thread: Linkbucks not load

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    Default Linkbucks not load

    linkbucks not load, all the other websites if and to the forum but also load linkbucks NO! do not know if the problem will be with my country Venezuela, and in several pc probe hope they fix the problem.

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    Please scan your computer for viruses/malware and report back if you find anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzuki View Post
    Please scan your computer for viruses/malware and report back if you find anything.
    The same is happening here in Brazil. Since yesterday it is not working at all... I have tried 3 different computers and a smart phone, different internet providers and it still not being available.

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    Working just fine here ...


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    Not working here in CHile neither - since yesterday

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    i am from spain and not problem but i read in other forum much users from venezuela cant access to linkbucks.

    A friends from venezuela make a tracert and this result:

    Traza a la dirección []
    sobre un máximo de 30 saltos:

    1 10 ms 8 ms 10 ms
    2 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms
    3 13 ms 26 ms 23 ms []
    4 16 ms 15 ms 14 ms []
    5 15 ms 15 ms 14 ms []
    6 41 ms 19 ms 19 ms []
    7 [] informes: Host dedestino inaccesible.

    Traza completa.

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    I have that problem too

    any link is not working in the area of Venezuela

    none of my links is working!

    I can not access the home page!

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    Confirmed so far:

    - Brazil
    - Chile
    - Venezuela
    - Spain
    - Mexico

    Is it agains latin languages? lol Just kidding!

    Anyway, here is a solution to log into system. Use At least I could take a look on my stats from today and yesterday.
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    I'm from mexico

    I have problem

    please help
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    Dear friends.
    This problem is happening to many people in many countries.
    Since yesterday even Google (including gmail, etc) is not working fine. Yesterday night it was almost impossible to me access Google, but now it is already ok though.
    I found in some newspapers this is happening (at least in Brazil) with many internet providers (my is called GVT). According to them, the speed is weaker, Google was/is instable and some websites unaccessible (like linkbucks).
    They did not provide any further information about causes or solution, so I think all we have to do is wait. Just wait...
    Cound you from Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Spain tell me if you guys got problem to access Google yesterday or today?

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