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Thread: I asked for payment of 7 days please pay your account

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    Default I asked for payment of 7 days please pay your account

    I asked for payment of 7 days please pay your account

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    Sorry for the payment delays. The system is likely clogged up with too many requests so it takes longer to review them all. Please accept our apologies.
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    payments are sent instantly goes to my account now
    following the date of payment is still pending, but sent
    (trbancik 15.00 [email protected] 8/13/2012 9:48:35 PM)
    I wonder if there is a problem?

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    Yeah same happens with me too my old request is still in pending

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    people how long have u been with linkbucks ?? it happens a lot and if u checked the payment proof thread u will find many of them every request get evaluated at it's own if it need review it goes of no it is instant meanwhile u should be happy for having instant payments not asking if it's a problem

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    This thing happend with me first time so i am worried about my money lost because linkbucks paid me my new request but old one is still in review what can i do now?

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    nothing man like any request in review u will get it within 14 days max from the date of request why are u like this be cool man linkbucks always pays no matter what if after 14 days this review did not paid which is very unlikely to happen just contact support money will be sent be patience and be sure u never lose money with linkbucks that's a fact

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