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    Default payment

    My first payment from linkbucks THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    There's a payment proof sticky
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    Default help

    payments are sent instantly goes to my account now
    following the date of payment is still pending, but sent
    (trbancik 15.00 [email protected] 8/13/2012 9:48:35 PM)
    I wonder if there is a problem?

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    Hey Suzuki please help I submit a new thread about my issues please approve it soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tauheed110 View Post
    Hey Suzuki please help I submit a new thread about my issues please approve it soon.
    Why didn't you just post it here in this thread ?


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    Angry Paying on links

    I am going to be reallly stupid here!! After I generate a single link how do I pay for Generating the link, I have money in my account, but I am Just not seeing it I guess Just need to know where to go after I create a single link an pay for the campaigne


    When I do pay a link or try it says I have no money in my account

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    If you don't know how to see your account details. Then you should visit this site's help center and ask them. I prefer to all the students to check site and get more new updates related to your subjects. Because they will reply to you immediately. As they have also done the with me.

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