hi ppl here is my first post in Lb forums i hope this topic will help some1

this is the most easy way to ad linkbucks fullpage script in wordpress self hosted blog no code edit required at all
what we need
1.- selfhosted wp blog
2.- an account at linkbucks
3.-Code Insert Manager (Q2W3 Inc Manager)

or you can install directly from plugin manager ,just go to: admin>>plugins>>>ad new>>> search >>Code Insert Manager

install the plugin and you will see a new option in admin panel

now go to your Lb account and select :


fill all data's according to your blog note : if you have an adult blog you must set "adult content" in Page Content box, its a must!!

now click on "generate javascript" , copy and paste here in your code inserter plugin:

you can select where the script will be loaded y prefer in header, because in footer,script will be loaded after page load an some ppl can click on links without LB redirection,

and you can select usergroups to hide linkbucks ads
for admins,editors etc etc etcetc

i hope this will hope in somehow, this isnt for advanced wp admins
i wrote this just for guys like me that, we cant handle enough wp backends

finally write nice content whit a lot of links and images, and wait for money

note if this post breaks forum rules delete it pls and sorry

ps 2 sorry for my bad english