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Thread: Review Payment?

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    Default Review Payment?

    I just requested my payment of 5.20 and it says its in review?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paper12 View Post
    I just requested my payment of 5.20 and it says its in review?
    Linkbucks sometimes reviews your payments so just be patient and wait anywhere from 1 to 7 days...

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    this has been said around a million times i this forum ( even i said it lol )

    but pooply has made it clear that payments are in review because there is high activity in your account! i had review two but i got it in 7 days!

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    My payment is also under review. First I thought that you have it is a scam. Then I was reading reviews at website and over there I saw this post. After reading your post now I know that it is the process and my payment which I have paid is safe. Thank for answering this question, I am sorry I am new in this that is why I don't know much about this.

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    Payments are in review

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