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Thread: Linkbucks Forums Upgraded

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    Thumbs up Linkbucks Forums Upgraded

    Hello everyone!

    Today I upgraded Linkbucks Forums to the latest version of vBulletin. The styles are not quite working, but we'll work on that later.

    If you notice any problems, please let us know! Everything is looking good from what we can tell

    Have a good evening!


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    Talking At last

    Thought this day would never come!
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    Ha, and then a small bug made it so nobody could login after we all went to bed. Fun times, fun times.

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    Heard through the grapvine ...
    Please tell me how you plan on stopping the spam ... :P

    In the mean time ...
    Enjoy some great music ever composed and performed !!!

    One of the greatest songs EVER composed :

    White Room : CREAM Live 1968

    Love ya's
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    Great system

    Thanks linkbucks

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