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Thread: Why I left linkbucks ... Yeah it kills me-- it really does

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    Default Why I left linkbucks ... Yeah it kills me-- it really does

    1. Google Chrome with their built-in adblock totally ignores/bypasses anything and everything Linkbucks related ...
    Chrome reacts to Linkbucks Intermission like it doesn't even exist on the page ...
    (Google Chrome is kick butt!)

    2. Mozilla Firefox version 15 with their built in "adblock plus" also ignores Linkbucks intermision / and banners ...

    3. My entire website is hosted on Imagebam ... Imagebam does not allow frames ...
    ( This is new to Imagebam - Maybe 4 weeks )
    Your visitors need to click "Hide Frame" for the image to be visible ... Nobody will do that which means you're
    loosing traffic little by little every day ...

    It appears there are many adblock/ anti frame breaking hosts while Linkbucks does not have counter measures for these
    upgrades ...

    I can not re-do / re-host my entire seven thousand page website ...

    When it come down to making money.. I've ALWAYS counted on Linkbucks and vise versa and you guys delivered ...
    At one point I was earning $6.00 a day
    Right now Admin CB.. I am at wits end ... I was left with no other alternative but to pull links ...

    When you code a counter measure give me a buzz ...
    steffi [at]


    Love yas (Even you Suzuki)
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