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Thread: Linkbucks to Introduce Pop Unders in Intermission

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    Default Linkbucks to Introduce Pop Unders in Intermission

    We've been working hard trying to figure out ways for users to earn more money. Recently we had to drop earnings down a bit due to a decreased demand in advertiser spend. This is seasonal and we're expecting to see an increased demand by the late winter or spring.

    Unfortunately, this month we're faced with reducing earnings even more so we decided to take a different approach.

    We decided to implement a once per day pop under that occurs on the intermission page for both mainstream and adult. We're hoping that the increased revenue will be able to offset the decreased demand and pass on the profits to you guys.

    We should know how well they are doing by the end of the week and hopefully increase earnings by the weekend.

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    thx for the info i saw it and was gonna start a thread about nice idea really hope it works and ofr me no adblock blocked that pop up so really hope we can see increase in the payout rate by Monday really hope so also hope if it worked well increase it to 2 or 3 per 24 hrs i know it take time to reach but would be better
    thx again commander
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    Sounds like a good idea.
    But can I ask is it the code in the intermission page that does the pop-under , or generated in the code embedded in my webpage?

    I ask as I arealdy have pop-under on my page ( they are a nice earner by the way ) and don't want too many popping from it as some advertisers limit pop-ups and unders.

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    it's in the intermission code already now after the 8 second when the user click skip this ad he get e pop under that goes into the toolbar right away so nothing of what your worry about i get no complaint about them at all

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    im running the clean links on my sites, but that pop under sometimes has some foul language and i think links to porn , anyway around this as its not good for my site ?
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    With the new modification and does not redirecion httaccess that used to happen if external traffic or whether linkbuck link, now repeated in cycles that do not take the correct reference.

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    guyes me firt time using link bux side i dont no use for this site but i know this side is good earning and i know linkbux is so awesome and gud condion side link bux is very easy and very easly earning plzz some help me how to use this link bux side plzzz me thank ful to u ..

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    Default FLV Player update is a virus.

    FLV Player update is a virus.
    It is not suitable for an advertisement.

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    How are the updates as of today, since this thread is 2 years old.

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