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    Hey, why US traffic is sold out ? my campaign will be finished soon. Traffic comes rapidly, and yeah very quality traffic. (I am very happy that you removed the shit publishers). But hey, please let us create US campaign. thanks

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    Linkbucks can't let you create campaigns if there's no inventory. Can't buy something that doesn't exist Just be patient and check back often. It will be available soon.
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    Approved ! But what will be the norms to create campaigns ? I recently started real estate business, want to campaign for it.

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    Ok, US is sold out.

    So lets say it suddenly becomes available and I manage to get a campaign started of 100,00 hits. Does this mean you reserve that many hits for a renewal just in case I want to top off that currently running campaign or am I out of luck should inventory drop off again?

    Also, if US is sold out, does that mean I won't get any in a worldwide traffic order?

    I'm just looking for clarification.

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