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Thread: Does LB Rate goes down?

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    Default Does LB Rate goes down?

    i noticed in my earnings that LB Rates is down?
    i got almost same number of clicks but lower earnings

    LB RATE.jpg

    Thanks LB.

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    same is happening to me they are lowering really fast last this morning i have them a 400/ $1.00 now they are at 417/$1.00 they lowered them in less that a day

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    waaaaaaaay down man three times in a row in the last month alone and they added popads on all our links yet they keep lowering rates

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    I was earning $3.50 per day.. now my earnings are around $2.25 per day ...
    It is impossible to avoid losses nor there is a systematic method you can use to control loss in the pay per click industry ...

    Sales are down across the board no matter which sponsor/host you chose to conduct business with ...


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    Last month, we actually lost a considerable amount of money with our payouts. Overall spending is down so we needed to drop payments and even add popunders to correct the dip.

    Just hang in there, the market will shape up soon.

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    thx commander for your understanding sure will hang in there always with linkbucks hope for the best and higher rates soon

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    Yeah, I think it's the current market condition.

    It is good though that you found the time to answer CommanderBucks.

    Let's just hope things get better soon.

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