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Thread: Modified method of making money with linkbucks

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    Lightbulb Modified method of making money with linkbucks

    I have read almost all the tutorials on this forum and they do help but some of them were written a long time ago so most of the tips and tricks they give don't work anymore.
    So I am going to write my own tutorial for all the newbies who wish to succeed with linkbucks.
    1.This is the most important,do not be afraid to experiment with you links.Do not follow tutorials to the latter always try and tweak your links because the situation is never the same for everyone.
    2.Find a way to distribute your links fast.Here are a few ways

    2.1-File sharing sites and forums
    This sites are very common these days and you can easily get loads of rapidshare or megaupload links from them then pass them through linkbucks and then re-publish them on a different site or on your own site like a blog which are very easy to set-up.But since you want to earn as much money as possible you can join a filehost that pays you whenever your files are downloaded.I would recommend Hotfile because it allows remote file uploading from almost all the sites such as megaupload,mediafire e.t.c.Hotfile pays me quite well so obviously I will recommend it.So just remote upload files to your hotfile and then pass the links through linkbucks and then post them on forums.By the way if you want to post your files the best way to go about it is through a megathread because the amount of spam links on forums is really increasing so the number of views your post has will determine how many new visitors your post will get.Also monitor your threads.Whenever you see it is going down the forum list just post a reply with some new files you want to share and then it will jump back to the top.

    2.2-Adult image sharing
    This is the one that brings a high frequency of visitors but depending on how you use them it can be a one time rise or a sustained rise.
    Im sure you have already read about using galleries from but I recommend another method,use
    Because the imagefap galleries have the following disadvantages;
    1.They do not earn you money per view
    2.Once the visitor clicks on a thumbnail they can access the rest of the images without going back to your gallery
    3.You are not in full control of the images and the uploader can delete them if he/she wishes

    The sharedimages galleries have the following advantage
    1.You earn for the views they images get
    2.Each thumbnail links to the corresponding image alone therefore you are assured more links will be clicked
    3.You are in control of the images

    I have set-up some galleries you can view here or copy if you like
    Gallery 1 [+18]
    Gallery 2 [+18]
    Gallery 3 [+18]
    Gallery 4 [+18]

    for all non-sharedimages members you can view some of my galleries here and see just how much hits they get[+18]
    It took me time to set these galleries up but it should not be to hard.Just sign-up to sharedimages and then start uploading some images which you think might attract some views.

    Also Im sure you have read that pop-up ads are preffered for these but that is wrong.Pop-up ads are always blocked by antiviruses and browsers and linkbucks implemented a rule that they have to be loaded for it to be counted as a click so I would recommend top-banner ads because they are less invasive and even though they cost much less they are the best alternative.
    Another good idea is implementing linkbucks gallery feature in the multiple links creator.This allows you to input image links and create an image gallery from them.Here is an example of one of the galleries you can make[+18].If you come across a site that asks for a link to your gallery instead of your image code you can quickly create a gallery and submit the link.I think linkbucks allows upto 100 images per gallery so you can make multiple page galleries.
    Now the next issue is somewhere to share you images,I tried moat of the gallery dumps but most where only receiving from members and partners(sites with reciprocal links) so I took to the forums and most where very effective.Here are some forums that worked for me
    NBornbb banned linkbucks so don't bother [+18] [+18] [+18] [+18]

    With forums the only way to succeed is megathreads which are one post which is loaded with your conent via the post replies.THis is effective as everytime you update the post with content it goes back to the top of the forum and once people see it has many views they are definitely gonna click on it.
    2.3.And I almost forgot the gallery dumps.The common ones and those that don't require registration have already been listed in other tutorials but a big advantage of these sites is although they receive high amounts of traffic they also receive frequent submissions and therefore you galleries are likely to be pushed down the list before they get a decent viewing so I recommend finding some exclusive members only gallery dumps which you can submit to.If you google adult gallery dump or gallery submit you should find a couple.

    3.Blog and website outbound links.I personally have no experience with this method but I don't think it is worth it because there are better ways of making money from blogs and websites such as adsense but just like I said in point 1,experiment and find out.

    4.Utilize the aliases.Linkbucks have done a very good job with the aliases because people have become very link aware and whenever they see certain terms like 'cash' 'bucks' 'earn' or anything to do with money they most likely will not click on it but if you have linked to a video and use an alias such as 'ubervidz' the user will most likely not hesitate and also will not get irritated by the ads as they will assume the ads have been put there by the site you have linked to and not you.

    5.Get a disposable email,because you will be signing up to alot of porn forums and image galleries and these sites spam your mailbox to the maximum.I would suggest mailinator.Also if you don't feel like signing up to these sites you can use bugmenot to bypass registration and just log-in

    6.Money making combos
    Okay so now you have started making the daily cents and want to hike it up to dollars.Here is a simple trick.Just combine your money making sites.For example for the adult images instead of just showing thumbnails offer also the images for download so here is what you will do.
    a)Upload your adult image sets to a file host that pays per downloads e.g hotfile[upload the files as zips or rars or folders not as individual images and try to make them larger than 5 MB]
    b)Upload your adult image sets to a image host that pays per view e.g sharedimages
    c)Pass all the links through linkbucks[make sure for the image themselves you use top banner ads but for the download links you use intermission ads,this is important]
    d)Post the files on a forum or site and that is it.

    For more info and help feel free to post a reply or PM me
    You will now be earning on a 3 site level.If you do this well you can be earning as much as a dollar a day if you play your cards right


    Why?Because if you search tumblr using tags such as tits e.t.c you will get very many pics and the advantage is that they are watermark free so there is no chance of them being removed from by the image host.

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    Fileserve has recently overtook hotfile because unlike hotfile which only pays for downloads for specific countries and also has that irritating copper,silver e.t.c tier system I mainly use fileserve.With fileserve if you get some worthy refferals and good download rates you are guarranteed a good amount of money.You can sign up for a fileserve account here.The remote upload method is the same as for hotfile

    (Use fileserve instead)
    Ok so the above section probably got you on your feet and ready to make real money so now this section am going to teach you guys how to get content such as movies,music videos and xxx to your hotfile account without much hussle.First of all for all my hotfile refferals who are stuck on copper don't worry,be patient and you will get your chance.
    1.Ok so first you need websites to download from,I don't think thats an issue because these days google has everything you need.So identify the files you want to share on hotfile
    >You can go to ur usual warez site,there are a million of those no need for example
    >You can search google
    >You can search google directly e.g to search mediaifire type xxxxx,xxxxx being the file you are searching for be it prison break or whatever{why mediaifre}coz it provides direct links which you can paste directly in hotfile for remote upload
    2.Find a suitable rapidleech host[rapidleech is a script that allows you to download files to its servers and then upload them to another server of your choice or download it.You can find a list of suitable ones here or
    3.Once you find a file you want to download input it into the download box and click on transload file.The script will then download the file to its server and once finished will ask you if you want to download the file or do something else.The download link is a direct link and you can paste this link in the hotfile remote upload page and the file will be remotely uploaded to your hotfile account.
    4.This method is much faster than downloading files and then re-uploading them to hotfile.Try it out and share your interests here!
    5.Link to the file on linkbucks and then share it as many places as possible and very soon you will witness an increase in your earnings

    This is a guide for all my sharedimages refferals so that you can maximise your earnings with the least effort.One thing that I like about sharedimages and hotfile are the remote upload options,they really save you time so as usual just go to create an album on your sharedimages page fill in the album details and then when you get to the upload page is where now the trick comes in;;;
    Now this trick is for firefox users and here is what you will do''''''
    1.Find a website with many adult images on a single page,many of the porn sites usually display galleries and even offer the galleries for download,but a free alternative is pichunter
    For pichunter,this is what you will do
    >Go to the site.Here[+18]
    >Select a suitable gallery,like this one.Here[18+]
    >On the firefox menubar click on tools and then select page info
    >A window will open with tabs showing general,media,security e.t.c,,Select the media tab
    >Here you will see links to all the media on the site,images,videos,animations,flash
    >Scroll the links until you see the first image of the gallery,it will be something like this for the above gallery,
    >All the images of that gallery will have the same link only differing in the number,for instance, then so just select all the image links and then copy them to notepad[you will learn why soon]
    >Now go back to the gallery page and then open open one of the images and look at the link,it will be something like
    >The only difference between the thumbnail link and the image link is the sm-take a look----
    >So now in notepad press Ctrl+H[this will open up the replace with window,now all you have to do is in the find what box enter sm- and in the replace with box leave it blank which will result in deletion of the sm- from all of the links leaving you with the image links for all the images.Simple.The thumbnail and image links will usuallly only slightly vary usually with a tn or thumb.
    >Now back to sharedimages,in the upload page scroll down to upload from url and then select the batch fill with url list and then paste the links you will have copied from notepad and that is it.

    Once you get the hang of it you will be posting 100-200 images a day without breaking a sweat.Also if you find a site that offers gallleries for viewing plus download you can be smart and upload the gallery to sharedimages and a zip file of the gallery to hotfile[another double earning opportunity]that's what I do on pornbb and it earns me well,check it out.MY GALLERY ON PORNBB[18+] and all those images were uploaded via url

    Sharedimages now allows you to create pages using embed videos and then you get paid whenever it is used.So all you have to do is look for a video site that allows embedding of its videos,copy the embed code and paste it in sharedimages.A page will then be created with the video,a thumbnail,and a link to the original video

    Sharedimages has added a new imageurl to its existing database making the total 4 imageurls.The advantage of this is that it pays the same as hotlinkimage,has less ads(because it is new) and it is also not banned from forums and imagedump sites(because it is new)therefore seize the opportunity and start posting pics
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    Great job there! I would add to the suggestions posting with top banner cause it annoys less users and therefore forum mods Just my two cents...

    PS: I added a [+18] tag to the links to adult content just in case, remember to do so in order to avoid any problem

    PS2: If you need more posts to continue your tutorial (in case you run out of characters editing the first post) contact me and I will help you
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    Thanks Mithrandir,I will update the post soon and ill let u know if I need anything.
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    Default doesn't allow frames. At least that is what Linkbucks is telling me. So instead of top banner it automatically went to intermission. Anyway around this?

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    Don't use shared images... as far as I know there is no way around it an you will get banned mighty quick posting intermission ads on most forums. I use imagearn and have had no problems.

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    Here is a link to one of my pictures which is on sharedimages and I have linked to using linkbucks.As you will see the image is there and so is the top-banner[18+]

    Try changing the ad type to top-banner manually and if this does not help try changing the link host on sharedimages because sharedimages has various sites which it hosts its images on.The one I have linked to above is on cocoimage.I hope this will help as I had the same problem before but I don't have it anymore.
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    Here is a note to all the people having problems with sharedimages and top banner.Here is what you will do.
    1.In the get code page instead of using the code use the code.For those of you using hotlinkimages may have noticed that it automatically goes into intermission code should also work but I have only confirmed that cocoimages supports linkbucks top banners.I think that should solve the problem many people have encountered.
    PS-Thanks to all my refferals.....Great job guys......
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    Thanks jig,I was really getting stressed by this but it finally works.You are the man!!!.Hope to see more tips from you soon

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    Glad I could help
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