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Thread: Avg. Visit Duration 0 second!

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    Default Avg. Visit Duration 0 second!

    This is the first time, and most likely will be the last time I advertise here with Linkbucks.

    I use the same lander. Buying traffic from competing site, I got 2 percent opt-in rate. Very satisfied, with average visit duration as reported by Google Analytics is 9 sec. Obviously people are staying and reading before they continue.

    But with Linkbucks, while traffic is listed by Analytics, but avg. visit duration is 0 second. I thought you guarantee each visitor has to spend 8 seconds before proceeding on any link. Am I mistaken?

    Maybe there is some cheating going on? Clickbot? Or your geographic targeting is not accurate? (My lander is country-specific language). I can only guess, but there certainly is something wrong.

    No clue. But with 0% opt-in rate so far, it is very discouraging.

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    I'll have Commander look at this for you. I'm sure there's an explanation.
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    You do not get charged unless the visitor views your page for a full 8 seconds. Currently, your campaign is showing a total of 3,832 visitors and you were only charged for 3,424 visitors. Let me send you an email to see if we can figure out whats wrong.

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    Haven't received your email yet.

    Today's stats from GA (avg. visit duration):

    - Campaign from competing site: 8s (Down a sec from yesterday, perhaps of fatiqueness / blindness. Conversion dropped from 2 to 1%, expected.)
    - Linkbucks: 2s (up from 0 sec, I'm seeing a few opt-ins, but still the rate is very low at 0.2%)

    Note I'm not demanding conversions from you. I'm fully aware that results are my own responsibilities, but the point I'm trying to make is, my lander converts. I tested it with random traffic with about 1.2% traffic to opt-in conversion.

    Given "real traffic" I should get more or less the same, as proven with my campaign at several sites. I'm very curious about what's going on here at Linkbucks.

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    A quick update re: my campaign above at Linkbucks.

    Average visit duration stays at 2sec, but now I got 0.3% visitors to opt-in conversion. I even made a sale from my promotion. So your traffic is working. Just don't know why it wasn't during the first day.

    Anyway, I'm giving it another try to seehow it goes.

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    maybe there is a glitch or something. give it a try for atleast a week and lets see

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    Definitely not a glitch. It is consistent so far. I tried my third campaign now.

    As the nature of the traffic is broad, the offer has to fit into that characteristic.

    I guess you already know as you're much more experience here. At least this is something I learned recently.

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