Hi all,

These will give an opportunity to all adfly / linkbucks publishers

The concept is to Upload Quality Images - Share - Earn

Here are the steps:
1. Create an account on imgtab.net
2. Get your linkbucks code (Follow this instruction)
3. Open this link and paste the 3 to 7 digit code http://imgtab.net/main/adfly and click Save
4. Upload interesting images and share. (Like or comment on your own image)

When someone clicks on the imgtab.net link you share they will be redirected to your linkbucks link (your linkbucks account will be credited) before

seeing the actual image.

1. Please take note that Linkbucks has a very strict restriction between adult and non-adult landing page. Please be careful to get the correct code.
2. You must be logged in while uploading images.
3. Make sure to put correct photo type. Family-safe for clean advertisement and Adult for adult advertisement.
3. You cannot view linkbucks ads when viewing own image. Please try other browser to test or logout.
4. Please do not promote images by spamming.

You can share images in facebook, twitter, forums, emails and more

If you have other suggestions to make the site better, please let me know.

Thank you all for reading