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Thread: Is lb a scam ?

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    Angry Is lb a scam ?

    hello all, ...
    I'm a newbie here. we just test the LB how it works,
    but I'm really confused.
    we have created three campains, 3000 visitors per day.
    these campains was aproved and now are all running.

    in stats in LB's admin panel I can see these stats :
    Delivered :
    1st Campain : 1536
    2nd Campain : 1604
    3rd Campain : 1632

    but in our G-analytics stats I can see sthit ... NOBODY, NO VISITORS ... haha
    I'm sitting infront of the PC screen and watching ONLINE STATS VISITORS more that three hours,
    AND NOBODY IS SHOWEN in real time.

    well, the question : 'is the LB is a scam' I guess, is the right choise.
    Can anybody explain me, where my money goes ??

    thank you for any explanation.

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    There has to be an explanation. It's obviously not a scam if there are dozens of high profile marketers, some spending thousands per day.

    Did you put in your Google analytics code in your profile?
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    this is a system error check account after some time its take some time for updating yourself....
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    My blog(s) and site(s) tracking show that the visits are legit and proper.

    LB is no scam.
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    I am an advertiser who has literally been "scammed" out of his money, the thread i posted here over a week ago has not yet been approved because it shows that out of $282 invested with link bucks i have not received a single conversion and nor have i even received the majority of my traffic! I have also sent them an email but to no avail, i want a refund as the traffic was completely "unresponsive" which had tell tail signs of "bot" traffic.

    Extremely disappointed with the level of professionalism when speaking to staff & disappointed with the service...

    @Admins, Mods please read my original thread in the Advertisers section and reply to me instead of ignoring it as i have seen admins were online today, i have had enough.

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    yes is scam

    total = 4,146

    I'm follow verify my traffic
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    sanoh the picture u posted said 15747 page view your own stats says 15 thousands page view not 4 thousands ?

    you guys will have very slow traffic coz LB has disabled mobile devises from being able to view your sites that's from the second week of march and now publishers who used to deliver major traffic are no more able too

    they are very slow in this form from 1 and half year since i joined you will always get very slow respond to threads here anyway so give them the chance to answer you my friend

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    People check this out

    I have enough clicks and 0 gains
    I've sent mail to supporte yesterday and today and so far not answered me

    What should I do?

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    sorry mate what did you expected from 800 view ?? only larger campaigns and view can get you true conversions also if your site has some mobile value mobile devices has been disabled from being able to see your ad since the second week of march

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    i'm using twitter and my blog to share the links

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