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Thread: How To Put Linkbuck Links On Traffic Exchanges Sites Without Being Suspended?

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    Default How To Put Linkbuck Links On Traffic Exchanges Sites Without Being Suspended?

    I am promoting my affiliate product links to traffic exchanges sites but they are prohibiting members in using Linkbucks. I created a simple solution so that we can use Linkbucks and monetize our affiliate links on Traffic Exchanges.

    You need the following:

    1. Personal Hosting Account
    2. Personal Domain name or you can use your existing domain name.

    NOTE: NO hosting account or domain name? I can host it for you if you like

    Step-By-Step Instructions:

    1. First create a simple squeeze page like this one:

    2. Then create your linkbucks link

    3. Then make a html folder on your hosting account. For example: shoeinmoneysystem.html

    4. Inside the folder make a simple html banner code with your Linkbucks link like this one:

    <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Shoe In Money System"></a></center>

    5. Now, get your complete folder link. Example:

    6. Voila! You can already promote that link to traffic exchanges sites without being suspended. Once the squeeze page was click, it will directly go to your Linkbucks link.

    ANOTHER TIP: Traffic exchanges sites allow 1 pop-up for every promoted link you have, why not add another linkbucks link to the html folder?

    <script language="JavaScript">
    var popunder=""
    function loadpopunder()

    <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Shoe In Money System"></a></center>

    So you’re hitting 2 birds in one stone. But you must be a regular traffic exchanger to promote your links and maximize exposure.

    I recommend these following traffic exchange sites for you to promote your squeeze page:
    Upload Videos - Earn Cash: Earn Cash By Uploading Videos On Youtube! Hurry Up!

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    How to put link back links on traffic exchange sites without being suspended. Linkback links are not easy due to its assignment writing uk i am taking some interest in linkbuck where links are really important to suspended these links to build them.

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