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Thread: Easy way to get 20-60 clicks/day

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    Default Easy way to get 20-60 clicks/day

    hello, i didn't found this method on this forum so i would like to share it.
    you get 20-60 clicks/day to your linkbucks link and it takes 30 minutes a day to do.

    First, you need linkreferral account in this link : .

    At the home page, click "change your registration and site information" and put your linkbucks link in the "List URL"

    Then you need to get your "website" ranked well, you do this by clicking "Earn Rank in our Directory" and visit 30 websites, do 5 reviews,one forum post and add one website to your favorites. you have to do this every day to remain good ranking at the directory.

    You will also get traffic to your adult website, there is own section to adult websites.

    I hope this helps

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